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Introduction: Understanding

A customer query platform that enables shops/businesses to obtain sales queries from local people around their location through text and voice chat. Sellers get sales enquiries from customers within 10KM to 20KM of your shop’s location. Chance to get a minimum of 300 plus unique customer inquiries a month. Thus they get more business from local customers near them. The product is known as a talking shop offered as mobile apps available both in android and iOS and a user can download the app for free. He or she has to sign up with the mobile number or have the privilege to skip the registration, if so the certain features like chat broadcast enquiry will not be available for them. Once the user gives the location permission, he or she can discover the shops and offers available in a 10 KM to 20 KM radius.

Talkingshop app for Android & IOS


  1. An exclusive app for premium plan subscribers
  2. No sign up required for users
  3. No user permissions required
  4. Message timeline only from a particular contact

  1. Personal Information
    • Non-Account Activity: No information/registration details are required to access this app. No personally sensitive information(phone number, email address, name) is collected and stored by the user while downloading and using this particular application. The user needs to give only his/her location permissions to meets the apps main purpose.
    • Account-Related Activity: No account-related actions are held in this particular app. A typical user does not require to sign-up or could not create an account through this app. Here the user will only be able to read/ view the feeds/ contents from the registered premium account in the talking shop App. Certain other activities on the app like chat and voice interactions, for that the User requires a user need to register with app using his/her valid mobile number.
    • Usage Information. The App Owner may record information about the User's usage, such as when the User used the app, the favourites the User subscribed to, the contacts the User communicated with, the information the user has viewed and the frequency and size of data transfers, as well as the information the User displayed on the app (including UI elements, settings, and other information).
  2. Information that is publicly available
    • When a user downloads and uses this app, some information about the talking shop manager app(content provider to this app) and the premium account activity will be provided to other normal users of this app. This may include the date the Premium User opened the talking shop account, the manager user's details( (if the User chooses to make it public), Location, user ID and users name.
    • The manager account name is displayed to other Users when the User engages in certain activities on the app, such as when the manager User uploads information to the premium account in Qkopy or sends messages through the services of the Qkopy platform. Other normal Users who are using this particular app can contact the User through chats and messages once they sign-up and register with talkingshop App.
    • The manager user(content provider to this app) may also choose to add personal information that will be visible to other Users.
    • Any information that the talking shop manager submits on the talkingshop platform can be redistributed through the internet and other media by the users of this particular app, without obtaining any consent from the manager user (the content provider of this app) and may be viewed by the general public.

We have a Grievance Officer to address your concerns regarding data safety, privacy, and Platform usage concerns. We will resolve the issues raised by you within 45 days of receiving them. You may contact the Grievance Officer at : E- Mail: